Charity wildfire


Dramatic wildfire in the sanctuary by Kevin Richardson

On Tuesday, September 14th, a devastating wildfire that was started on a neighbouring property, ripped through the farm and sanctuary. No words can express the shock, fear and confusion that we experienced that day. A massive shout-out and thank you to everyone who came together to help get things under control, preventing loss of life and further damage to other people’s properties and belongings. Please be aware the footage you’re going to see is pretty dramatic, and that is only a snippet of what went on, as it was impossible to document the whole ordeal. Please join us in praying that those who were injured continue to make a full and speedy recovery. – Kevin Richardson September 14th


Devastating wildfire in Namibia

In another devastating bush fire caused by the climate crisis, on September 8, 2021 at the small guest farm Okambara Lodge on the edge of the Kalahari Desert in Namibia, all of the pastures on 16,000 hectares of land were burned and thus the vital food reserves for over 2,600 animals such as the white rhinoceros, which is threatened with extinction, an elephant population, around 100 giraffes, zebras, desert lynxes, wild horses, ostriches and various antelope species, cheetahs, leopards, horses, donkeys, cows, cattle and other animals have been completely destroyed. – Patricia Parinejad (Okambara Lodge) September 8th


Controlled Burning to prevent wildfires

GG Conservation in South Africa, burns the grasses in their Sanctuary in a controlled manner year after year under the supervision of the local fire department to prevent potential wildfire damage.


Charity picture “Survivor”, Edition 10, size 190 x 126 cm, price € 25.000 plus VAT.

“When I saw what the landscape in South Africa looked like at GG Conservation’s Sanctuary in August, I headed out immediately to see the animals in this end-time mood of nature. I photographed “Survivor” in this breathtaking ambience of an abandoned and lifeless looking nature. This picture is a memorial: A beautiful and proud animal, the king of lions, standing alone on a charred tree trunk, looking into the distance of this barren terrain – definitely one of the most unique pictures I have taken so far – and it is not a montage or composition! When I learned about the devastating wildfires 4 weeks later, I felt as though fate had allowed me take this picture beforehand to help with that.” – Lars Beusker 

Let's help together!

To provide food for the animals whose habitat has been destroyed and to prevent further wildfires at the same time.

The previously unpublished motif “Survivor” will be available as usual in an edition of 10 and it will be exhibited in all 159.gallerys. Lars has decided to provide the first three editions of this image for the charity project “Wildfire”. In addition to their edition number 1/10, 2/10, and 3/10, respectively, these will be labeled “Charity Wildfire 1/3”, or 2/3 and 3/3. Worldwide, only these three separately labeled “Charity Prints” will be available, the remaining editions of this painting will only be released for sale once the three Charity Prints have been sold.
The picture costs € 25.000 plus VAT. When one of the three images is sold, 100% of the proceeds will be divided and send to the three recipients immediately. The campaign is finished when all three charity prints have been sold and a total of € 75.000 has been donated.

Help us! Purchase one of these 3 special pictures! Simply send us an e-mail.

Donation recipients

GG Conservation 

Glen Garriff Conservation is located in the Harrismith region of the Free State province of South Africa. The non-profit organization is a sanctuary for lions that would not survive in the wild. Currently, GGC houses about 80 lions in a 940-hectare sanctuary.

Kevin Richardson 

The Kevin Richardson Foundation is a non-profit conservation organisation with nature’s most majestic creature, the lion, at its heart. Launched in early 2018 the foundation is committed to changing and reversing the state of Africa’s declining lion population by purchasing habitat and raising awareness to create safe, natural spaces where lions and other native species can flourish. By partnering with specialised organisations and engaging with impoverished communities on the fringes of these protected areas, the foundation also aims to minimise human/wildlife conflict whilst improving living conditions for local villages.

Okambara Lodge 

Okambara Elephant Lodge is a family-run farm in the heart of Namibia with 16,000 hectares of land and over 2,500 animals.


The three charity prints and their availability live 


1/10 Charity Print 1/3 


2/10 Charity Print 2/3 


3/10 Charity Print 3/3